Mass Casualty Drill

Saturday, March 28, 2015  Hope Fire Company participated in a mass casualty drill with Millstone Fire Company and many other agencies. The training simulated a plane crash and involved many EMS and fire agencies.



MVA training

Tuesday, March 17, 2015  Members took advantage of a free night to participate in an additional training exercise. The crew was faced with rescuing our training prop, Hosay, who found himself trapped beneath his truck. The crew practiced communications, staging equipment, and using the equipment available.



Ladies Auxiliary Basket Auction

Tuesday, March 17, 2015  6TH ANNUAL BASKET AUCTION WHEN Saturday April 18, 2015 Doors open at 6:00pm Auction Starts at 7:30pm WHERE Hope Fire Company 82 Route 526 Allentown NJ Awesome prizes included Trent Jewelers Bracelet, an iPod Nano and accessories to go with, Lottery Ticket Basket, Basket of Cheer, Large Screen TV, Gift Cards for shopping and restaurants and beautifully made baskets containing great items. NO ONE UNDER 18 ALLOWED IN THE HALL WHEN THE AUCTION STARTS ADMISSION $6.00 at the door Includes dessert And 1 sheet of 25 White Tickets TICKET PRICES White - $6.00 Green - $8.00 Orange - $10.00 Pink - $12.00 Blue $5 each 5/$20 TABLE VALUES White $1.00 - $24.99 Green $25.00 - $49.99 Orange $50.00 - $99.99 Pink $100.00 - $249.99 Blue $250.00 and over



2014/2015 Banquet

Saturday, March 14, 2015  Hope Fire Company had their 2015 installation banquet and celebrated accomplishments of the 2014 year.


Recognized for completing their probationary period were:

Craig Mallet

Joe Petrella

Ben Wainwright

Welcomed to the Company as new members:

Dave Wilbur

Dave Walter

Erin Hubscher

Kris Smith

Matt Screws

The 2015officers were introduced, and then were sworn in by Monmouth County Freeholder John Curley  

Line Officers:

Chief: Steve Gomba

Deputy Chief: Mike Kamer

Assistant Chief: Jay Davidson

Captain: Scott Davidson


Administrative Officers:

President: Dave Floyd

Vice President: Jeff Fenton

Secretary: Chris Poles

Treasurer: Norma Stillwell

Assistant Treasurer: Roberta Fenton

Trustees: Bob Cole, Brian Henry, Mark Szczepanski


Ladies Auxiliary Officers:

President: Nancy Wikoff

Vice President: Jennifer Wikoff

Secretary: Helen Margaret Taylor

Treasurer: Carolyn Scholer


Service Awards were presented:

Debby Floyd: 5 Years

Carolyn Scholer: 5 Years

Tara Van Pelt: 5 Years

Jennifer Wikoff: 5 Years

Jeff Fenton: 10 years

Joe LoConte: 10 Years

Tom Monahan: 20 Years

Jeremy Wikoff: 20 Years

Mark Szczepanski: 30 Years

Don Swaysland: 30 Years

Jay Davidson: 35 Years


2014 Top Ten Awards were presented for participation in emergency calls, training, and duty crew standbys:

Roberta Fenton

Jeff Fenton

Steve Gomba

Jay Davidson

Mike Kamer

Scott Davidson

Robert Cole

Chris Poles

Rich Floyd

Joe Petrella


Chief’s Appreciation Awards were presented:

Roberta Fenton – for special efforts in attending advanced training at academy

Joe Petrella – for special efforts in radio communications and work on Chief’s truck

Chris Poles – for special efforts with duty crew assignments



Equine Extraction

Sunday, February 1, 2015  The Station 82 crew spent the day in Tabernacle, NJ at a training session taught by Roger Lauze from the Massachusetts SPCA. The MSPCA's equine emergency response and rescue has much experience and provides equine ambulance services at large events across the nation, including the Jersey Fresh competition held locally at the Horse Park of New Jersey. The crew today had the privilege of working with Roger, many veterinarians, vet students, horse owners, and Tabernacle Rescue members, to work through several scenarios in which a horse had to be rescued. We offer a special thank you to local resident Lisa Minshull for sponsoring three of our firefighters to attend this training- your support means a lot to us, and it is awesome response to our common plea of "help us help you".



Shovel Out Hydrants!

Monday, January 26, 2015  If you have fire hydrants near your home or business, please keep "your" fire hydrants in mind when you are clearing out your walks and driveways. In the event of a fire, we'll need quick access to the fire hydrants for water, and if they are buried, there will be a delay in getting water as we locate and dig out the hydrants. Please be proactive and keep them visible and fully accessible! Thank you!



Put a freeze on winter fires

Sunday, January 25, 2015  The threat of winter fires is real. Did you know that: •905 people die in winter home fires each year. •$2,091,000,000 in property loss occurs from winter home fires. •67 percent of winter fires occur in one- and two-family homes. •Cooking is the leading cause of all winter home fires. •5 to 8 p.m. is the most common time for winter home fires. Please be safe this winter and avoid contributing to these statistics! Click on the photo to open the full news story, and then click on the links to view short videos on fireplace and portable heater safety!



Vehicle Fire - Sharon Station Road

Friday, January 2, 2015  Hope Fire Co. was dispatched for a vehicle fire on Sharon Station Road. Crews found a vehicle fully involved with fire, parked beneath utility wires. Crews extinguished the fire. JCP&L and Verizon were notified as their utilities were exposed to the heat from the fire. Monmouth County Highway Department responded to salt the roadway following fire extinguishment. Also on scene was the Allentown First Aid Squad and the New Jersey State Police.



2015 Officers

Saturday, December 6, 2014  Congratulations to Allentown Borough and Upper Freehold Township's 2015 leadership team of Hope Fire Company. The 2015 leadership team and the rest of the membership are proud to continue in the footsteps of a long list covering 197 years’ worth of residents that have selflessly served the two communities since 1818.

The company officers are:

  • President: Dave Floyd
  • Vice President : Jeff Fenton 
  • Secretary: Chris Poles 
  • Treasurer : Norma Stillwell 
  • Assistant Treasurer: Roberta Fenton
  • Trustees: Bob Cole, Mark Szczepanski, Brian Henry 
The fire protection officers are:

  • Chief: Steve Gomba
  • Deputy Chief: Mike Kamer
  • Assistant Chief: Jay Davidson
  • Captain: Scott Davidson



Christmas Tree Safety

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Between 2005-2009, U.S. fire departments responded to an average of 240 home fires that started with Christmas trees per year. These fires caused an average of 13 deaths, 27 injuries, and $16.7 million in direct property damage annually. Christmas tree safety tips: Picking the tree If you have an artificial tree, be sure it is labeled, certified, or identified by the manufacturer as fire retardant. Choose a tree with fresh, green needles that do not fall off when touched. Placing the tree Before placing the tree in the stand, cut 1–2” from the base of the trunk. Make sure the tree is at least three feet away from any heat source, like fireplaces, radiators, candles, heat vents or lights. Make sure the tree is not blocking an exit. Add water to the tree stand. Be sure to add water daily. Lighting the tree Use lights that have the label of an independent testing laboratory. Some lights are only for indoor or outdoor use, but not both. Replace any string of lights with worn or broken cords or loose bulb connections. Connect no more than three strands of mini string sets and a maximum of 50 bulbs for screw-in bulbs. Read manufacturer’s instructions for number of LED strands to connect. Never use lit candles to decorate the tree. Always turn off Christmas tree lights before leaving home or going to bed. After Christmas Get rid of the tree when it begins dropping needles. Dried-out trees are a fire danger and should not be left in the home or garage, or placed outside against the home. Check with your local community to find a recycling program. Bring outdoor electrical lights inside after the holidays to prevent hazards and make them last longer.




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