Drafting Exercize


Wednesday, June 21, 2017 Station 82-1 members tested a new dry hydrant installed by Monmouth County. For those that may have seen us and were wondering what we were doing... the bulk of our response area has no fire hydrants. In order to put fires out we must haul water to the fire scene with our tanker truck. Dry hydrants such as this one in Imlaystown allow a firefighting crew to easily connect a hose to the standpipe, and take water from natural water supplies such as a lake and pump the water to the tanker trucks for delivery to the fire scene. Similar to the days of filling leather buckets and passing them down the line to the fire, today's water supply in rural areas like ours involves passing large volumes of water to tankers, which pass it to other trucks, eventually relaying the water to the fire. (Thankfully these are 6,000 gallon buckets, and is mostly mechanical work!)